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Eliminating Workplace Hazardous Chemicals

Blue Iron Cove was formed by a team of chemists with a vision the eliminate hazardous chemicals from the workplace, and protect the environment.  We want to improve the safety and environment for all who regularly use chemicals. We strive to provide the best performing chemicals for your business.

Using unique technologies and local product development expertise, Blue Iron Cove has developed a portfolio of products which can eliminate acids, caustics and hazardous solvents in many industrial cleaning processes including descaling, concrete removal, pH control, degreasing, removal of coatings and resins, and surface preparation.

Inhouse skills allow Blue Iron Cove to solve many industrial cleaning problems, assist with ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 compliance, and provide modelling for applications such as down-well descaling and fracking in the oil & gas industry.

Introduce Chemical Safety To Your Workplace

In industry workers can come into contact with hazardous chemicals, then chemical safety becomes a very important priority. Blue Iron Cove works with other business that operate and maintain their equipment in environments where either human exposure is high or the environmental risks present.

Blue Iron Cove provides safe, high performance and non hazardous chemicals to industries that include Mining, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Marine, Manufacturing, Food Production.

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