Blue Iron Cove has a team of experienced industrial chemists whose focus is to eliminate hazardous cleaning chemicals from the workplace, including acids, caustics and dangerous solvents.

New chemical technologies provide outstanding performance, and assist companies to comply with ISO 14000 Environmental Standards, and ISO 18000 Occupational Health & Safety Standards, by providing non-hazardous, non-toxic formulations to replace traditional toxic or flammable petroleum-based solvents, chlorinated solvents, mineral acids and acidic detergents, caustic and caustic based detergents, glycol ether and metasilicate based degreasers.

Blue Iron Cove safe chemistries save users money by reducing life cycle costs and preventing damage to assets, workers and the environment during the cleaning processes.

Typically, from an engineering and operational point of view, a high cost problem for plant and equipment is corrosion, and the use of our safe chemistries eliminates this risk and reduce long term maintenance costs.

In the Mining Industry, applications include descaling, safe degreasing, concrete removal in Shotcreting areas, and surface preparation.  Highly effective descaling and concrete removal is achieved consistently with Blue Iron Cove Acid Replacement Technology, called Kookaburra Gel.

Kookaburra Gel is safe for workers and the environment, and will not cause corrosion damage to vehicles and equipment. It is safe to apply on any painted surfaces, truck cabs, wheels, electrical connections and glass.

New-plant based degreasers provide replace hazardous solvents. Providing outstanding degreasing performance, leaving a residue free surface due to their unique ability to be rinsed away with water.

VG 2020 plant based heavy duty degreaser has 5 times the degreasing power of kerosene, but is also water rinsable, as well as being able to be diluted at the point of use if the degreasing job require is not severe.  Trade waste management is made easier by the VG 2020 being readily biodegradable.  The heaviest duty degreasing can be accomplished quickly and without release of VOCs.

BIO 1000 parts washing degreaser replaces hydrocarbon degreasers for use in degreasing baths, providing excellent performance and safety.  It can also be used in cleaning benches, with ultrasonic or any manual processing.  BIO 1000 is compatible with a large range of metals, plastics and rubber, and will not damage the seals of the parts washer systems.  It will remove all types of used lubricants (mineral, plant or synthetic), even those charged with particles, except per-fluorinated lubricants. It also removes full and soluble cutting oils, corrosion protective oils and waxes, bituminous coatings and deposits, residues of mould release agents used in plastic processing industries.

Other safe chemistries include new water-based paint strippers which replace toxic methylene chloride strippers, and new solvent or water-based cleaners which leave a residue free surface enhance surface preparation cleaning.

Blue Iron Cove works with our clients to reduce process life cycle costs, improve cleaning performance, protect assets, and provide safety for workers and the environment.

With production and warehousing facilities in both Brisbane and Perth, Blue Iron Cove effectively services overseas markets and Australia in all states, including supply to remote mine sites.